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Defending Lydia Collier Development Update

Hello everybody,

Apologies for the delay in posting this and the lack of replies if you've messaged me, I have been moving house again the last week which has been a bit chaotic.

Nowhere near as much drama as last time, just had some issues with the landlord not basically doing any of the repairs required for months on end. I had a read through my contract and found the early release clause and broke the tenancy within the 3 months available at the start of my contract before I was stuck there for good. Was a little bit impulsive as I was hoping he'd fix the stuff when I threatened to leave, but he didn't so I just went through with it and moved again.

I didn't have internet until today so that's why I hadn't posted anything. I was expecting to get internet the day I moved in and the transition to be pretty seamless but things never seem to work out as planned.

Rendering hasn't really been delayed by this as the machines were only off for a day or two whilst I physically moved as I don't need the internet to render, so it was just whilst everything was unplugged moving from A to B and I'll be able to catch this up over the weekends.

I'm finishing up the final Tiffany scene now, and then once I've finished this scene I'll be in a position to set a release date which will be in September.

The customs I have queued will also be made very soon, I've been so used to always being online I just keep the requests in the messages, so without the internet I couldn't read them and didn't want to make something based off what I vaguely remember and then miss and specific and need to redo it. Going forwards I'll put them in a Document or Excel sheet incase I ever don't have the internet again. Sorry about that, they're being worked on now and will soon be on the way!

Thanks for all the new and continued support!


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