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Defending Lydia Collier Development Progress

Hello everybody,

Unfortunately I have been very sick the last few days which is why nothing has been posted so I am sorry about that, however I am feeling a lot better now and it looks as though it's past its worst now.

So I'll set a release date now and let you all know that v.0.15.7 will be released for Day 1 Early Access on the 29th of September!

This update will feature multiple new scenes for Tiffany, along with new scenes for Sophie and Vanessa and will be between 750-1000 renders long along with an animation!

After v.0.15.7 has been released I'll then be moving straight on to v.0.15.8 which will be the long awaited big update for Bimbo Steph! I am going to tie this in with Halloween and also release the new Social Media (which will have new some spooky and sexy snaps) along with all the renders made from the polls earlier this year, and set the release date for this to be Halloween, the 31st of October!

This will be a very fetish heavy update for Bimbo Stephanie and will be over 1000 renders long all of Bimbo and Lydia playing together and I'm sure it will have something for everybody.

After that there's only three things left to do to have v.0.16 complete, finish the Lydia/Ellie evening, add in the Jenna and Lydia scenes, and add in the new UI and achievements and I hope to have all that done the following month but I'll go into that more once I've finished Bimbo's update.

Thanks for all the new and continued support and see you all for v.0.15.7's release next Friday!


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