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Defending Lydia Collier Development Log

Hello everybody!

I hope you enjoyed the v.0.15.8 update and the long awaited Stephanie and Lydia content!

This update will be available to the Supporter Tier tomorrow!

I'm very happy to also announce that Defending Lydia Collier has also been announced as's Game of the Month for November, check out their article here!

What's Next?

v.0.16 is now very nearly all complete and released. Vanessa, Stephanie, Emma, Helena, Tiffany, Sophie, Ellie and Lydia have now all had all of their individual scenes released, and all that is left are the technical changes, Jenna's content and the ending of the combined Ellie/Lydia route.

I'll stop using "v.0.15" and switch to "v.0.16" at the release of the technical changes, this just makes it way easier for troubleshooting as if a bug is reported with a "v.0.15.x" then I know it is pre-code changes, if it is "v.0.16.x" it is after.

Right now I'm focusing on two things next, one is Jenna's content, and the other is getting the technical stuff completed and released and that will take up most of this month's development time.

With the technical update it will mean the Social Media revamp is finally added and all of those new images, along with the removal of the old cumbersome PC (and all the bug and issues related with it), the new fixed gallery, several new newspaper stories and background information, and finally Achievements!

With Jenna's update it will add content for her on Sunday where it is currently lacking, and also have the ability to introduce her to Lydia as well for double the redhead trouble.

One or both of these will be released in November, but I'll post more about that nearer the time in the next week or two.

Thanks for all the new and continued support!


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