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Defending Lydia Collier Development Log

Hello everybody, I hope you enjoyed the latest scenes in the BETA if you have played it. Now everybody has had a chance to play through it, here are a couple of previews of it.

If you want to check out the full scenes, each 100+ renders, £10+ Subscribers can do so here: I've had some feedback on a couple of errors and a spot here and there were a partial re-render on some eyes are needed, this will be done after v.0.15.5 is out and the existing post updated, I'll let you know when that is done. This week I've been working on v.0.15.5, which will be released next week on the Friday the 30th of June. This will be a small update that feature Lydia exclusively, and include all of Lydia's Solo Content for Sunday Night including the game's biggest adult scene, whilst I continue working on the big v.0.16 update. If you're in the Alpha Testing Group, then this will be sent out earlier in the week for you to have a play through so please keep an eye out for that. Thanks for all the new and continued support! WP


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