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August Development Log 2 (Defending Lydia Collier news and next update date)

Hello there!

So I've been working throughout the month and now I'm at the point that v.07 is nearly done.

This update will be roughly about 300 renders long and focuses on the game's story and some Ellie content and I should have it done in the next few days, I just need to do some coding, editing and a very more renders and it will be complete.

 I'll set a release date of the 31st, but if it is done and tested beforehand I'll release it then.

Looking at the results of the poll it by a ratio of 2:1 people would like a Shadows over Manston update, so that is what I will do after the completion of v.08. August will be v.07, September will be v.08, and then October will be an update of Shadows over Manston. I think this will be a good idea for myself too as it is always good to work with different characters and environments and have some variety.  

Thanks for all the continued support!


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