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Another (minor) delay to v.0.15.6 until the weekend to add another new scene - Sorry!

Hello everybody, I apologise but I'm going to delay v.0.15.6 again until this Saturday.

The reason for this is that I am going to add in a second Ellie scene, entirely different from the one I've just extended. That scene is entirely done, with two variations as I mentioned, this is to add something entirely new in for Ellie that wasn't planned until this morning when I was double checking my completed render pile (which was a bit of a mess) and found an almost done Ellie scene. As it is an Ellie focused update and it fits better now than it would in a Steph or Vanessa update.

I completely forgot that the first Ellie scene I made for v.0.16, pictured above and partly in the BETA, hasn't yet been released. I forgot all about it as I was making it when the residential problems really started messing up my workflow before I moved to my new address and I just rediscovered it when looking through the already made render pile for v.0.16.

Well this scene has 80 renders already made for it, and it needs another 25 or so to finish it off and that will enable me to link this new update into the Ellie/Lydia Path. This means you can get the new Emma or Helena scenes and then choose whether to go out with Ellie alone (this was the planned route for v.0.15.6) or instead go to Lydia's and get the story Lydia scenes (if you're not on Lydia solo you wouldn't have seen these yet) and then instead of the game just finishing with already released content from v.0.15.5 and a bit of an "oh that's it?" feeling, you'll then also get this new solo Ellie scene, and then all the Ellie and Lydia's duo content will come in a later update. This will mean v.0.15.6 will end up with two scenes for Ellie, two for Helena and one for Emma and meaning it will comfortably pass the 1000 render mark. I don't want to bombard people with tiny little 100 render updates to kind of make it seem like the game is constantly getting updates when it isn't really, I want them to be substantial and worthwhile to download, and to get this scene ready to go I need 1 more day of rendering and 1 day of coding/post on the renders, so releasing v.0.15.6 now and then releasing (v. on Saturday I think would confuse people as they'd likely think it was a bug fix, and then also annoy people looking for new content with such small addition. It might be ready on Friday or even tomorrow if these render quickly overnight, and if it is I'll drop it as soon as its done, but I'll say Saturday to make certain there absolutely won't be another delay. Sorry about this, but I'm really trying to get as many of these scenes out as possible as I still have 100s more in the pile and I know its been a while since you all had a good sized update. This won't affect my plans to still release v.0.15.7 later this month, so please vote in that poll and I'll announce the winner with v.0.15.6 and get cracking on those renders this weekend!

Thanks for all the new and continued support!



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