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v.0.11 Update Progress

Hi Guys!

Just a quick update on how it is going.

Currently, I've completed just over 600 renders for v.0.11 and I'm about halfway done, meaning whilst I said this was going to be a much "smaller" update, it is going to end up probably as big as v.0.10 or if not, be the game's second-biggest update.

I plan to have this out before the end of the month.

What's coming in v.0.11:

Further expanding the team's screens, I realised I missed out on the leaders, so they all have new screens made.

The first of the important "missions" to resolve the game. You'll be using your newly selected team to investigate a leak from a high ranking official, catch the mole and you'll have a powerful figure owing you a favour in the final mission.

Whilst your team is off doing the work for you, you'll be finishing off the remaining project and spending a bit of time with your LI and depending on your choices, in the last day before the very LI focused weekend:

Steph's transformation can begin.

The Night before jetting off with Vanessa, Tiffany and friends.

Choose whether or not you want Ellie's sister working for you too.

After v.0.11:

Thanks to everybody who voted in the poll deciding what comes next.

Continuing Defending Lydia Collier won overwhelmingly (by more than 2 to 1) over a Shadows over Manston update in the votes, so after v.0.11 will be v.0.12 and v.0.13 (Friday and Saturday in the game) and then there will be another final poll of finishing DLC vs a break for SoM. Shadows will be finished either way once DLC is completed.

Thanks for all the new and continued support, and I'll post an exact release date when I'm down to the last 100 renders or so.


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