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"So, when we getting that update?"


Just a quick update to let you know I'm about 30 renders away from completing Defending Lydia Collier, and then just need to do a bit of post work so will have the update out in the next few days (before the end of the month).

This update features significant advancement in the story, and also in both of the Ellie and Steph's relationships.  

This update also adds a new animation to the mix, which by itself is 280 renders long, although unfortunately with animations the time spent rendering vs the animation time is very poor.

Let me know what you think regarding the animation as I feel it is significantly better quality than the looped two second one previously made for Steph, however it is still fairly short. Considering most scenes in the game are roughly 30-100 renders, at 280 for one animation if you'd rather just still images and more scenes then let me know, one the flip side if you want more animations, let me know that too!

After this update I'll make the September renders (make sure you've voted in the poll if you're a $10+ supporter!) and then begin work on the Shadows over Manston update for October.

Hope you're all well and thanks again for the continued support!


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