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New Social Media Complete!

Hello everybody,

I hope you all had a great Christmas!

Some good news regarding the social media update I've been trying to implement, I'm fairly certain it is now complete and therefore I'll be embedding it into the next update.

Whilst I am fairly confident this should not force a restart if you have any saves where the MC is using the phone currently please either roll back prior to him using it (before the phone appears on the screen) or continue until he puts it down and it disappears from the screen. These scenes will be replaced by the new social media retrospectively from the beginning of the game, so it will cause issues if you try to open it whilst the old social media is in use.

If you'd like to test or try the new system, you can download it here. (PC Only)

This is a small tech demo and does contain currently unreleased images from v.09, although I do not think they should provide any spoilers.

If you have any feedback from this newest build, let me know as changes can still be made.

Regarding v.09, I've got two adult scenes left for v.09 and it will be released.

Thanks for all the continued support,


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