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Website Launch!

I have just created my own website to host the free releases of my game, Defending Lydia Collier, and to also share my development updates alongside my Patreon!

I've done this for several reasons.

Firstly, as my game is an 18+ product, I cannot have any freely available links on my main page on Patreon as it would be against their terms of service. This website will enable me to upload the links here after the Patron-exclusive time period.

Secondly, I have slightly more flexibility on what I can post here in the updates regarding spoilers. I have a discord and one of the great features there is that I can mark posts with a spoiler warning. Unfortunately Patreon has no such feature, so whereas one person may want to see a preview with a spoiler, another may not. Although I could write it into the text, images are displayed first, so you would see the spoiler warning after already having seen the spoiler. With this website I plan to enable you to have an exclusive area I can share with my Patrons and then you will have a warning of the spoiler.

Finally, you will always have a reliable, genuine place to get the game. Having sadly already found links to my "game" which are in fact viruses on places as mainstream as Youtube, and having found my game hidden behind paygated downloads, this website will enable any fan of my game to know that they will be getting what they came for when they click download. The game, no nasty surprises.

Thanks for reading and visiting, and hope you are enjoying Defending Lydia Collier!

White Phantom

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