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July's Poll for Exclusive Renders (Beach Volleyball Theme)

Hello all!

So for this month, the theme will be a beach volleyball team.

Four ladies, each with a picture by themselves, and then a team photo.

There haven't been any Shadows over Manston Renders in a while, and they haven't been in the recent polls, so for this vote, the top two girls from each game will win. So it will be a guaranteed 2 DLC/2 SoM split for the team. To keep the poll from being enormous, I've taken the previous three highest voted for girls, plus the other three main girls from DLC, and then the same number of girls from SoM.

In the event of a tie, as always, the girl with the lowest amount of previous renders will win, poll will run until the end of the month.

So vote for your favourites, and thank you for all your support!


To Vote (Website Only - Patreon/SubscribeStar please vote on your respective website):

1) Subscribe to the £10+ Month plan.

2) DM me on Discord with the email address you are signed up with - I'll then assign the correct role to see the voting room.

3) Once you have the role, go into the voting room and react with emojis to the girls you are voting for.

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