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Future Updates News!


Just some updates about the plans of the game.

I've decided to extend Defending Lydia Collier slightly.

Originally from now the game planned to end Sunday night, this has now been moved to Tuesday. So from now, there will be six more updates.


A couple of reasons. Firstly v.11 is going to be relatively short and finished quite soon, it will be 500-600 renders long and out in July (hopefully nearer the beginning than the end). This is because everything is stacked up for the weekend, Ellie's meal, Vanessa's holiday etc all take place over the weekend, so Thursday is a relatively event-free day on the LI side, and there's no reason to just massively pad it out with filler content.

So why the extra update to six, not just five? I was going to then just have the finale take place Monday night, but it just doesn't make sense with Vanessa's holiday. That would see them arrive Friday, get married Saturday, fly back Sunday to be in the UK for Monday night's finale. I wanted some content pre-wedding on the island with Vanessa/Tiffany/her friends, so the wedding will be on Sunday, and they'll be flying back on Monday, and seeing out the planned finale after an eight-hour flight is just madness. So now we'll get the finale Tuesday night instead. Anybody not on the holiday, this will mean you get Monday with Ellie/Steph and they'll have additional content here too.

Another big reason is getting the new PC. Defending Lydia Collier was planned with a 1080TI's rendering speeds in mind, now I've bought the 3090 machine so many branches and paths I thought "I just won't have time to do that" and had decided to prune from the story, I can now add back in without it getting into the mess that SoM became because instead of rendering 10 images a day, I can comfortably do 20. That means I'm planning on doing the big final mission I always intended, not the smaller ending I'd decided was realistic, and the finale will be the final update by itself.

So Defending Lydia Collier's final content update will be v.0.16. I'll then revert to Shadows over Manston and finish that, and whilst doing this I will be working on a polishing update that will add music, revise every single line of dialogue in terms of punctuation, grammar etc, and turn Defending Lydia Collier into v.1.0, at which point it will be fully released (more details nearer the time on this).

Now, as always some people might want a Shadows over Manston update before then. I'm not going to lie about SoM, it will be concluded in 2-3 updates. All the problems that made me quit SoM are still there, not a single one has gone away. You have to understand I do not enjoy working on SoM because of all these problems, so I'm not going to promise ten more updates because I'll go insane trying to make it. However, I'm going to finish it to the best of my ability, and each of its remaining updates will add significant new content. I promised to finish it and I will, so Shadows over Manston's final update will be 2.5.

So the next update will be v.11, after which will be Defending Lydia Collier v.12 (Friday in the game's storyline), this poll is, therefore, to decide after this if I create either Defending Lydia Collier v.13 or Shadows over Manston 2.3.

Defending Lydia Collier v.10.2 is a small "patch" that will be out very shortly, fixing some bugs and adding in the "Teams Screen" which will be used for upcoming off-screen missions to progress the story whilst the MC spends the weekend with their LI. (Think World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor, and the Garrison Missions you send your followers on).


Go to Discord and DM me your website email address that you signed up with and I will assign you a role that will enable you to access the WEBSITE VOTES ROOM! Vote in here for Shadows over Manston vs Defending Lydia Collier. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN VOTE FROM THIS WEBSITE SO PLEASE MAKE USE OF IT!

Thanks for all the new and continued support!


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