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Defending Lydia Collier v.0.13 further delayed until the weekend (Saturday)

Hello everybody,

I'm really sorry, I am going to have to slightly further delay v.0.13 until the weekend.

There aren't any additional issues, the problem is creating the renders for the scene I'm trying to extend.

I tried to make the restaurant feel "lively" and full of people (picture above), however unfortunately in doing so I made it so the scene requires 20GB of VRAM to render. What that basically means is 3 out of 4 of my machines cannot handle this scene, two of them in fact crash if I even try and open it. I hadn't noticed this when making it because at the time the other machines were doing other scenes and the machine I was on could handle it.

So whereas I planned to have all 4 machines firing away creating these renders, instead I can only utilise one and whilst my 3090 machine is by no means a slouch, it can't work as fast as I planned by itself.

I've made all the scenes, was going to spread them around all the machines, but instead now I've had to queue them all up on one machine and it takes roughly 2 hours to render each image and there are 53 new images left in the queue, which is roughly 4 and a bit days rendering.

I can do all the post-editing and adding the images one by one into the story on the other machines, so it really is just tediously sitting waiting. In the mean time I don't like doing nothing, so I'm going to use the other machines, rather than sitting idle, to add in another adult scene.

I really apologise for this, however I'll try and make sure v.0.13 is out as early Saturday/late Friday as I can manage so you can still have as much of the weekend as possible to enjoy it, and if anything ridiculous happens like my 3090 dies, heaven forbid, then I'll just release v.0.13 as it is so there won't be any further delays.

Thanks for all the new and continued support!


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