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Defending Lydia Collier v.0.12.2 Release

Updated: May 16, 2022

Hello all!

Firstly, to avoid confusion, this is not the v.0.13 release of Defending Lydia Collier. This is a "Pre-Patch" that adds in most of the missing content in terms of the computer and Sophie's tablet to v.0.12.1 where it was missing, but it does not advance the game, it instead sets the game up to be ready to roll straight into v.0.13 next weekend.

This is also the first public test of the new remade and simplified computer and tablet systems, so there may be bugs and any feedback on this is appreciated.

With the game I do not go back and alter old content at the moment, that is something I will do after v.0.16, so the old computer continues up until the end of Day 11, and the new one takes over from Day 12 onwards until the final polishing update.

Betting & Searching are disabled intentionally in v.0.12.2. Searching will be re-enabled in v.0.13, whereas Betting will have a full overhaul in the near future to make it more engaging.

Updated 14:15 - 08 - 05 -2022 with new links and further bug fixes.

Download Links:

v.0.12.2 Update Only (Drag, Drop & Overwrite to your v.0.12.1 "game" folder)

Windows - Mac - Linux - Android (Full Update) - android port kindly provided by the66

Change Log:

Fixes several bugs and typos.

Adds new Computer UI and roughly twenty news articles.

Adds Sophie's Tablet, including her diary.

Fixes EllieLaptopNew -> EllieLaptopNEW Typo.

Fixes Chloe's Whistle which should now be working as intended.

Fixes the news article on the Foreign Secretary if your first mission is a failure.

Fixed email subjects being duplicated. Fixed evidence from the hotel not being uploaded - If this is missing still, reopen the email your team leader sent you and it will add it.

Please do let me know if you find any technical bugs so I can fix them prior to v.0.13.


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